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Databeans Market Research
Market research plays a pivotal role in understanding the market for emerging technology and the demand for existing products.

Databeans provides semiconductor companies with key information
to make the right decisions for their customers, investors, and the
supply chain.
Recently Published Research
2013 Semiconductors in Military and Aerospace Electronics
This market report provides forecasts for all semiconductor products used in Military and Aerospace Applications. More...
Q3 2013 Sensors and MEMs Market Tracker
Sensors are generally used to make electronic applications "smarter", or better able to gauge their surroundings and act accordingly. More...
Q3 2013 Analog Market Tracker
Analog remains a power house in the semiconductor market and provides many necessary devices for electronics to function as well as they do. More...
Q3 2013 Microcontroller Market Tracker
The microcontroller market relies heavily on the automotive market, but products are found in all five market segments. More...
Q3 2013 RF Power Amplifiers and Transceivers Market Tracker
The Radio Frequency (RF) Power Amplifiers and Transceivers segment is a large part of the general analog market. More...
Q3 2013 Automotive Market Tracker
The Automotive Market Tracker provides forecasts for all semiconductors used in automotive applications. More...
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Rise of Medical Telemetry

September 1, 2013

"I enjoy questioning assumptions about healthcare delivery, particularly those that involve the assumed need for a patient and provider to meet face to face for healthcare to happen."
- Joseph Kvedar, MD

Telemedicine is the new field of using telecommunications devices to provide medical information over a distance. It is reducing the negative effect that distance has had on healthcare, providing medical services in situations where it was otherwise unobtainable.

This is a rapidly expanding industry. It is expected to reach a worldwide market value of over $45 billion by 2018 which drives a compound average growth rate of 17 percent on average annually. This year, telemetry equipment revenue is expected to reach close to $23 billion. More...