Q2 2015 Interface Market Tracker

The interface market is expected to reach $4.7 billion in 2015 for worldwide revenue. This market is made up of analog products and digital interconnect products. Long term, this market… MORE

Q2 2015 RF Power Amplifier and Transceiver Market Tracker

The power amplifier and other analog communications special purpose analog grew by 2 percent in 2014. After a strong first quarter, this market is expected to reach $14 billion which… MORE

Q2 2015 Wireless Market Tracker

The wireless market for semiconductors is broken up into 3 application segments including mobile phones, infrastructure, and short range wireless applications. This market is expected to perform nicely in 2015… MORE

Q2 2015 Smart Phone and Tablet Market Tracker

After the first quarter revenue for 2015, Databeans has restated its forecast for the tablet and smart phone market with an expected increase of 12 percent instead of 10 percent… MORE

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