Q4 2015 Consumer Analog Market Tracker

The consumer analog market includes all classes of audio power amplifiers, video specific ICs such as TV tuners and buffers, CODECs, and motor control ICs. This market is part of… MORE

Q4 2015 Consumer Market Tracker

The market for semiconductors used in building today’s popular consumer electronics is expected to reach close to $60 billion this year. Demand for the latest electronics is driving this market… MORE

Q4 2015 Medical Market Tracker

The medical semiconductor market is expected to outperform the overall industry again with a predicted growth rate of 5 percent for global revenue. Long term, this market is expected to… MORE

Q4 2015 Digital Market Tracker

The digital IC market includes logic, memory and processors and constitutes over 68 percent of the semiconductor market. Logic constitutes 26 percent, memory constitutes 23 percent and processors constitute nearly… MORE

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