Q3 2015 Semiconductor Market Tracker

Going into the fourth quarter, the semiconductor market is on track to reach $350 billion this year. This mile stone is significant. This market has expanded by $100 billion in… MORE

Q3 2015 Discretes Market Tracker

The discretes market is expected to drop by 6 percent in terms of worldwide revenue this year. Weak product markets due to over inventory include power transistors and rectifiers, although… MORE

Q3 2015 Consumer Analog Market Tracker

The consumer analog market includes all classes of audio power amplifiers, video specific ICs such as TV tuners and buffers, CODECs, and motor control ICs. This market is part of… MORE

Q3 2015 Consumer Market Tracker

The market for semiconductors used in consumer electronics applications is expected to reach close to $61 billion this year. This is a moderate increase from 2014 and is driven primarily… MORE

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