Q2 2016 Audio Market Tracker

Abstract Audio applications constitute 28 percent of overall consumer semiconductor revenue which is expected to remain flat this year, but has long term growth potential of 8 percent per year.  Audio ...MORE

Q2 2016 Wireless Market Tracker

Abstract The wireless application market covers semiconductor revenue for mobile phones, wireless infrastructure, short range wireless, and other wireless applications.  The market is expected to contract slightly this year and is ...MORE

Q2 2016 Asia Pacific Market

Abstract The market for semiconductors in the Asia Pacific region is expected to outperform the worldwide revenue growth but not by much this year.  While overall semiconductor market growth is expected ...MORE

Q2 2016 Smart Phone and Tablet Market Tracker

Abstract Application processor shipments for the smart phone market have slowed somewhat and are not expected pick up until the end of the year.  This is driving growth for the overall ...MORE

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