Q1 2015 Semiconductor Market Tracker

The semiconductor market performed better than expected in 2014 with an increase of worldwide revenue of 9 percent. 2014 represented a much needed boost in revenue as the market had… MORE

Q1 2015 Consumer Analog Market Tracker

The consumer analog market is made up by product sales for audio video other special purpose analog products that are used primarily in consumer applications, although some of these products… MORE

Q1 2015 Consumer Market Tracker

The consumer market for semiconductors is expected to reach $62.4 billion and now constitutes over 17 percent of the semiconductor market. Consumer is made up of semiconductors used in audio… MORE

Q1 2015 Digital Market Tracker

The digital integrated circuit market consists of memory, processors and logic. These products by far constitute the vast majority of semiconductor revenue would wide. In 2015, this market is expected… MORE

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